Air, road, water and rail: mobility and transport are hallmarks of a modern society. The expansion and further development of the transport infrastructure stand for quality of life and economic prosperity and are therefore among the most important tasks of our time. Increasing (individual) traffic and the associated higher environmental pollution today require far-sighted solutions and concepts for our "lifelines".

    Mobility for Tomorrow

    For decades, the Max Bögl Group has repeatedly faced new construction challenges in the field of traffic route construction. The continuation of tried and tested construction technology in conjunction with the technical further development of road pavements, the associated paving technology and logistics strengthens the company's competence, particularly in classic road construction. Thanks to many years of experience in the production and processing of asphalt and concrete, our group of companies has the know-how to create high-quality traffic surfaces in asphalt and concrete construction that meet the growing demands of increasing traffic loads. Highly qualified and committed employees, state-of-the-art equipment and satellite-supported monitoring of construction processes not only ensure extremely cost-effective project management, but also a high degree of adherence to schedules and quality assurance.

    Mobility for Tomorrow

    Range of Services

    • Asphalt Roadways
    • Concrete Roadways
    • Test Tracks
    • Steep curve construction in asphalt
    • Flight operating areas
    • Traffic technology
    • Poured asphalt
    • Hydraulic engineering

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