For thousands of years, bridges have helped man to overcome his natural limitations. In the beginning it was only a tree that was laid over a stream, or stones laid into the water to cross smaller rivers. Later, simple hanging constructions made of natural materials followed, up to large stone bridges to cross large rivers and deep valleys. Today, bridges are masterpieces of modern construction technology and inspire the imagination of great engineers and architects as well as the admiration of the people who use them every day.


    Our bridge construction specialists at Max Bögl have also succumbed to the fascination of modern bridge construction. With well over 1,000 completed bridge structures, the Max Bögl Group proves its extensive know-how in the field of modern bridge construction. In the beginning, these were road and railway bridges made of precast concrete elements. Today, structures of all sizes are constructed - from in-situ concrete to steel composite structures and pure steel construction. Another speciality of our company is the replacement of railway bridges under "rolling wheel". We carry out all common construction methods such as cantilever cantilever and incremental launching methods, feed scaffolding and load-bearing scaffolds. Quality and adherence to delivery dates always have top priority in all buildings of our group of companies. Safety, robustness, durability and nature-compatible design are further standards by which we are measured in the supreme discipline of modern civil engineering.


    Range of Services

    • Incremental launching method
    • Formwork carriage
    • Composite Precast Girders
    • Thick sheet metal bridges
    • Modul bridge
    • Hybrid railway bridge
    • New construction under rolling wheel
    Range of Services

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