In the field of landfill and environmental technology, the Max Bögl Group has guaranteed a high standard of safety technology for more than 25 years and contributes to further development with innovative ideas. Experience and reliability, the use of resource-conserving building materials from the material cycles and the provision of state-of-the-art working technology guarantee the conscientious fulfilment of the tasks set.

    The disposal of waste has been subject to the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act since 1996. In order to prevent impairments to the welfare of the general public, the Landfill Ordinance regulates supplementary regulations for the disposal of residual materials and the design of sealing systems. In the interest of an intact environment, technically demanding structures are required that meet the strict requirements of quality assurance and occupational health and safety.

    Range of Services

    • Deposit construction
    • Environmental technology
    • Surface sealing
    • Base sealing
    • Renovation of leachate pipe
    • Deaeration
    • Material flow management
    Range of Services

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