Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a working method in the construction industry for the optimized planning, execution and management of buildings and other structures. The focus is on the digital provision of project information. Various models form the basis for the central administration and dissemination of data. It is important to note that BIM is not software, but a working method designed to facilitate cooperation between all parties involved in a construction project throughout its entire lifecycle. BIM allows information and data in the project to be stored centrally in a 3D model. These can be called up throughout the entire project and are transported loss-free throughout the entire process. As a result, the respective project phases - from acquisition to warranty - can be coordinated more smoothly. The way for modern project management can thus be ensured from the first draft to the operation of the building.

"BIM is definitely not a short-term trend, but a new working method for our company and the entire construction industry, in which we want to lead the way."

With these words Mr. Stefan Bögl underlines, which far-sighted goal the company group pursues for our future. In order to keep this development process permanently on course, it requires a constant exchange in, as well as between all business areas - BIM is and will be a common tool for a cooperative, digital cooperation and paves the way for our company as a solid strategy towards "industrial construction".

In doing so, we understand a rationalization of work processes to achieve cost efficiency, higher productivity and quality. We want to implement this with methods such as prefabrication of components (finished part production), standardization of components with simultaneous flexibility in design (maxmodul) and, above all, optimization of our planning and production processes. The decisive basis for the above-mentioned methods is the interaction of our BIM methodology with Lean Management.

The following video shows how we want to live BIM at Max Bögl:

BIM - a working method

A project management process handled with BIM gains significantly in transparency. This in turn increases the quality of our work. Cost and schedule security are increased by minimizing errors in planning and work preparation. In this way, the handling of all projects can not only be precisely designed, but also controlled. BIM is therefore more than just an intelligent 3D model. It is a working methodology that connects people within the framework of digitization using modern technologies. The more users consistently integrate this method into their daily work and actively practice it, the greater the degree of work facilitation for all involved.

BIM - a working method

"Due to the GPS-supported control of the excavator, we can carry out the
often time-consuming earthworks on the construction site very precisely."

Rene Kuchenbaur, Supply and Disposal


"The shuttering laser is a great relief for my work.
I don't have to measure anything by hand anymore.
That this is a BIM application,
but I wasn't aware of it until now."

Denis Buchner, Formwork preparation FTW Bachhausen


"Given the size of today's construction projects we're handling, it would be difficult to work without a centralized overview model."

Lukas Palotz, Calculation building construction

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