The maxlandkarte is the new tool for standardized project management at Max Bögl Group. With the introduction of this uniform processing standard, which can be consulted by every employee, we want to achieve many things: improved internal and external cooperation, increased transparency in processing and noticeable relief for our employees. And finally, securing the future viability of our Max Bögl Group. The maxlandkarte is the new tool for optimised project management.

The maxlandkarte shows the complete project management process from the acquisition phase to the end of the warranty phase. The focus here is on the work preparation activities in order to be able to identify and avoid errors at an early stage in the subsequent execution and thus save costs and ensure quality and deadlines. By releasing milestones from one phase to the next, we minimize the risk in project execution and prevent capacity from being misused.

Typical results of standardized project handling are efficiency increases in the execution and control of complex projects as well as a reduction in repetitions, reworking and rescheduling, which increases the project speed. In addition, a clear distribution of tasks, competencies and responsibilities improves control and transparency despite the large number of project participants. While the interdisciplinary design of the project team ensures sufficient and diverse expert knowledge, the overall planning and control of the project is ensured by the continuous participation of the process role project management.

A three-stage committee structure - consisting of the project team, the steering committee and the steering committee - enables improved project support and faster decision-making. Due to the shift of decision-making authority to the lower levels, the focus is placed on a few important decisions, thus relieving management.

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