The construction industry is changing. Economies of scale, cost pressure, quality requirements and the realisation of construction projects at record speed are decisive competitive criteria. In order to counteract these challenges, we have embarked on the path towards industrialized construction. Lean management and quality form the basis for change. In order to anchor the lean philosophy in the company, maxlean was introduced in the Max Bögl Group.

For Max Bögl, Lean Management is more than just a method. The aim is to change the corporate philosophy sustainably and to create a learning organisation with a lean culture. Within the framework of the philosophy, principles of behaviour such as a culture of change, values and errors are conditioned and promoted. The Lean Principles serve as guard rails on our way to becoming a lean construction company. The implementation of the Lean Principles takes place through the methods and tools that serve our employees as tools for daily implementation.

A decisive factor on the way to a lean construction company are the employees of the Max Bögl Group, as they play an important role as experts at their workplace. The maxlean Academy was founded to prepare them for the coming changes and provide them with the necessary knowledge. The aim is to train our colleagues with the necessary content using the four-stage training concept. They are supported in this by training courses, but also by coaching on site and are thus to become acquainted with the lean culture and apply it in their daily work. The training courses are supported by simulations in order to intensify the theory learned by means of practical examples. The learning contents as well as the practical part are adapted to the fields of activity of our colleagues in order to facilitate the transfer into the daily work routine. The implementation and coaching on site are carried out by the established lean structure in the respective departments.

maxlean is not limited to just one area of our company. On the contrary, Lean should be understood as a holistic approach that optimises our entire value chain. We in the Max Bögl Group do not see lean management as limited, but integrated into our overall Progress 4.0 strategy. We consider production and the construction site as well as logistics and administrative areas in order to offer our customers the desired service.

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