Economy, usability and short construction times determine the requirements for modern multi-storey car parks today. In addition to these fundamental factors, however, many building owners also demand individual and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

    More than 45 years of experience in parking garage construction make us your competent full-service partner for this task. In addition to our own “car park system Bögl” in the variants precast concrete and composite steel construction, we also offer you professional support including planning from the very first idea.

    Composite steel construction

    Max Bögl multi-storey car parks in the steel composite system impress with their filigree appearance thanks to their open design and sophisticated construction. At the same time - just like our precast concrete car parks - they offer an unbeatable degree of durability throughout the market.

    • Filigree aesthetics
    • Bright, open parking levels
    • Column grid 2.50 m
    • No inner columns
    • Short construction time
    • Minimal life cycle costs
    • Minimal manufacturing costs
    • Horizontally and vertically expandable
    Composite steel construction

    Precast concrete construction

    Our multi-storey car parks in the precast concrete system set new standards: Both legal regulations such as fire and noise protection as well as the requirements of building owners and architects are fulfilled in precast concrete systems. The extremely resilient construction can also be realised in the shortest possible time thanks to precise prefabrication.

    • Highest quality
    • Maximum stability
    • Minimum vibration susceptibility
    • Support grid 5.00 or 7.50 m
    • No inner supports
    • Short construction time
    • Minimum life cycle costs
    • Horizontally and vertically expandable
    Precast concrete construction

    Concrete Elements

    Regardless of which system variant you choose - you will receive a multi-storey car park made of the highest quality building material. The specially developed Max Bögl concrete elements are insensitive to all effects and therefore do not require any coating. The special panel embossing also ensures non-slip driving safety.

    • Without environmentally harmful coating
    • Useful life +50 years
    • Insensitive to weather and force effects
    • Lowest maintenance costs
    • Non-slip plate embossing
    • Easy transport and assembly
    Concrete Elements

    One multi-storey car park, two system variants, countless design options

    building facade

    stairwell frame

    lighting systems

    Colour and orientation concepts



    roof design

    ramp type

    outside facilities

    barrier systems


    610 Park spaces

    Car Park Ejler-Billes in Kopenhagen


    992 Parking spaces

    Car Park KUKA in Augsburg


    800 Parking Spaces

    Car Park Bosch in Schwäbisch Gmünd


    478 Parking spaces

    Car Park TenneT in Bayreuth


    448 Parking spaces

    Car Park Carlswerk in Köln


    418 Parking spaces

    Car Park GVZ Halle J in Ingolstadt


    600 Parking spaces

    Car Park Intersport in Heilbronn


    1.635 Parking spaces

    Car Park Liebherr Aerospace in Lindenberg


    412 Parking spaces

    Car Park Bayer W 56 in Leverkusen

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