The Max Bögl Group is one of the largest construction, technology and service companies in the German construction industry. Through our wide range of products and services, we actively contribute to environmental protection. At the same time our competitiveness is secured and the implementation of customer requirements within the company is supported. We are aware that our products and services influence our environment within their life cycle.

    We have set ourselves the goal of harmonizing ecological and economic factors. In order to keep the environmental impact of our products and services as low as possible and to further reduce the impact, we analyze and evaluate our environmental aspects regularly. According to that, we comply with the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001. Our actions are based on compliance with all legal regulations and other requirements with environmental relevance.

    The business processes and the environmental management system are regularly reviewed so that weaknesses can be identified and suitable measures for continuous improvement can be introduced.

    The company-wide environmental policy is the responsibility of the Board of Management and senior management. All employees are required to comply with it and to perform their daily work in an environmentally conscious manner.

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