The Max Bögl Group has been a member of the “EthikManagement der Bauwirtschaft e.V” since the beginning of 2007 and supports the idea of successful cooperation with business partners and fair behaviour within the market. Max Bögl ethic management has been audited since the end of April 2007. It contains our principles and values as a declaration of basic values and provides for guidance in our code of conduct.

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    Contact person for Compliance

    Dirk Haselbach is the central contact person for compliance at Max Bögl. You can reach him via our Contact form.



    For confidential information, queries or questions,a neutral ombudsman is available. You can reach him via the contact details provided.

    1. Declaration of basic values

    It is our basic philosophy to acquire contracts because of our wide range of services and top performance, all rendered at customary market prices. All kinds of corruption and illegal employment is outside the bounds of acceptable behaviour and counteracted. We want to attain our business objectives based on ethically sound conduct. Thereby the following basic values apply accordingly:

    • Tradition and loyalty
    • Service variety and service orientation
    • Cooperation and open-mindedness
    • Integrity and honesty
    • For us, integrity means honest, lawful and fair conduct
    1. Declaration of basic values

    2. Code of conduct

    It is our objective to protect our employees from unethical conduct and to act as a fair partner vis-à-vis our business partners and clients. In this respect, the following principles of conduct have been established, which are binding for all staff and all management levels and are in full harmony with our basic values:

    • Law abidance is mandatory in the project business and violations will not be tolerated – in particular violations against the Act against Restraint of Competition, cartel law and criminal law with regard to corruption or excessive commissions will be prosecuted.
    • Loyalty to the company‘s interests is expected from all staff with regard to an economical and careful use of corporate property.
    • Business secrets are to be kept undisclosed as intellectual property – the same applies for the business secrets of our business partners.
    • Gifts and benefits must not be influencing or binding. When dealing with gifts, reasonableness, transparency and documentation are de rigueur compulsory.
    • Conflicts of interest are to be avoided and the mixing of private and business matters is not tolerated.
    2. Code of conduct

    In case of doubt, the respective head of department should be consulted and violations have to be reported to the respective management level. Criminal charges and civil action aside, violations will in all probability also lead to disciplinary action, including dismissal.

    Declaration on the Modern Slavery Act

    The following statement has been prepared in fulfilment of Max Bögl Group`s obligations under the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

    Declaration on the Modern Slavery Act


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