The company SMB Construction International GmbH has emerged through the construction of test centres and in-house execution as well as steep curves for automobile development and years of trustful cooperation with a partner. In this special segment of road construction, sophisticated construction techniques and innovative equipment are used to meet the high demands of the automotive industry.

    Test Tracks at the Highest Level

    SMB has pioneered the use of the "steep curve paver" in particular for the construction of high-speed railways with elevated curves. A technically well trained and highly motivated team of employees and the meticulous preparation of the individual projects are among our outstanding strengths. The early and competent consulting of clients and planners is an integral part of our service package. A further building block in the SMB business is the construction of driving safety centres, whose extreme driving distances and unusual road design with difficult surfaces and state distances as well as controllable obstacles test and train the dexterity at the wheel. SMB has extensive know-how and experience in this field through a large number of projects that have been successfully implemented for renowned customers worldwide.

    Test Tracks at the Highest Level

    Range of Services

    • Planning and consulting
    • Construction of test and race tracks
    • Construction of driving safety centres
    • Construction of round and oval tracks
    • Construction of state sections
    • Construction of parabolically shaped steep curves
    • Machine technology: Bridge paver / steep curve paver
    Range of Services


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