Use of wind power in thailand


Mobile factory for international markets

Max Bögl is aiming for a strong presence on the global market with its mobile factory concept. To meet the challenges posed by the need for great hub heights outside Europe, the Max Bögl Group offers its single-source hybrid tower system, including mobile production, first used to build a wind farm in Thailand.

Use of wind power in thailand


A modified tower concept has been created with a mobile factory for international markets. This newly developed system for wind turbines with hub heights between 140 and 180 m enables the concrete sections to be produced directly on the project site while maintaining the high-quality standards of the renowned tower system.

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Modular concept with high level of flexibility

The custom tower concept consists of smaller-part, CNC-machined segments that can be transported via standard trucks or trains. The production on site increases the added value in the country of manufacture. The modular structure of the mobile manufacturing facility ensures a high degree of flexibility. The fact that all the individual components of the modern precast plant can be transported in containers means that it is quick and easy to run projects at a wide range of different project sites in various countries.

90 wind turbine towers by 2018

Production on the international hybrid tower system in Thailand will start by the end of the year. All the preparations for setting up mobile manufacturing at the Huai Bong site are currently underway. The newly founded company Max Bögl (Thailand) Ltd. is headquartered in Bangkok. All commercial activities for the project execution have been carried out there since the beginning of the year.

Sustainable value creation in the country

Thailand's energy landscape is continuously growing in a wider structure, with renewable energies in the foreground. In the course of constructing the new wind farm in the District of Thepharak, the kingdom will profit enormously from mobile manufacturing on site. Many new jobs will be created and a high proportion of materials will be sourced regionally.


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