Hybrid Tower System Max Bögl 160+ and Mobile Factory


Wind energy is a complex undertaking: Max Bögl is aiming for a strong presence on the global market with its system modification 160+ and mobile factory concept

The Max Bögl Group is making a significant contribution to energy transition with its Hybrid Tower System Max Bögl. Thanks to state-of-the-art production and assembly processes, more than 1,100 hybrid towers have been produced since they were successfully introduced in 2010. Our "mobile factory" enables us to provide all our clients with established hybrid tower quality for great hub heights from a single supplier worldwide, with local content included in the project.

Hybrid Tower System Max Bögl 160+ and Mobile Factory


Progress is built on ideas

The modified System 160+ allows Max Bögl to set new standards in dimension and efficiency. The world's highest wind turbine to date has been built using the established modular hybrid design in Hausbay-Bickenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) this year. A 164-meter-high hybrid tower was erected, consisting of a prestressed concrete tower and two steel tube sections. A new hybrid tower system was also designed to meet the challenges presented by the demand for great hub heights, also on an international level. The newly developed system allows concrete sections to be produced directly on the project site, thus incorporating an increase in local content while maintaining the high quality standards of the renowned tower system. The mobile factory's modular structure guarantees optimum versatility to ensure that different project locations can be served worldwide within a short period of time.

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