Max Bögl and BAM Germany further expand W&W Campus

Near Stuttgart, the family-run construction and technology company Max Bögl is building a conglomerate of state-of-the-art office buildings with an architecturally attractive prefabricated clinker brick facade in a joint venture with BAM Germany.

Max Bögl and BAM Germany further expand W&W Campus


The Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group (W&W) is investing in the Kornwestheim site and intends to construct a total of seven office buildings with their own courtyards by 2023. The buildings are to be connected by a continuous passage, which is accessible underground and above ground. The mix of work, café, sport, conference and training offers space for 4,000 workplaces. Flexibility, open office structures, multifunctional team offices, desk sharing and mobile working should create an atmosphere for efficient exchange of information and attractive working and bundle the companies of the W&W Group under one roof.

The second construction phase

news 2019 ww campus 01 max boeglView of the house 7/9 with outdoor sports facilities
Visualization: finest images / O&O Baukunst


Roughly one year after the first two office buildings were occupied, W&W last week awarded the second construction phase to Max Bögl and BAM Germany - which act as a joint venture in this project. The second construction phase comprises the turnkey construction of the remaining five office properties with a gross floor area of around 86,000 m² - equivalent to an impressive eleven football pitches.

Complex clinker prefabricated parts

news 2019 ww campus 04 max boeglProduction of the prefabricated clinker facade at the Max Bögl plant in Sengenthal (here for the 1st BA)
Photo: Max Bögl Group / Reinhard Mederer


A special feature - besides the connectivity of the campus - is the clinker facade of the individual buildings. Roland Duda from the responsible architectural office Ortner & Ortner Baukunst in Berlin about the façade design: "The brick is the smallest building block of the area and, together with the wooden windows, underlines the formulated values of the W&W in an excellent way: qualitative stability, brick like, authentic, human."

 news 2019 ww campus 03 max boeglProduction of the prefabricated clinker facade at the Max Bögl plant in Sengenthal (here for the 1st BA)
Photo: Company group Max Bögl / Reinhard Mederer


Max Bögl prefabricates the facade as clinker and parapet components in its own factory at the Sengenthal headquarters in Upper Palatinate and then delivers it just-in-time to the construction site with its own fleet of vehicles. This weather-independent prefabrication already stood out during the first construction phase due to its speed and simultaneously high quality.

Thomas Hönnicke - Head of Central Building Construction Mitte/West at Max Bögl - sums up the follow-up order with the words: "We are very pleased with the trust placed in us by the client. In the second construction phase, too, we will prove our efficiency and hand over an extraordinary campus that invites you to work."



Patrik Fanderl
Marketing Building Construction
Tel.: +49 9181 909-13906

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