Hybrid Tower mb 2.0 – Total Innovation


Modular system for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Max Bögl has taken tower production for wind turbines to new heights with the Hybrid Tower mb 2.0, a further enhancement to our system. This new tower concept has achieved fresh cost optimisation levels. Designed for hub heights up to 200 metres, it allows greater flexibility for developing new tower types thanks to its modular structure.

Hybrid Tower mb 2.0 – Total Innovation

Optimisation on all levels

The upcoming innovations create synergies thanks to the interaction between the individual optimisations in the tower, the interior fittings concept and the foundations. In the future, structural elements in the concrete tower will comprise segment thirds. This will reduce the height of concrete rings from 3.80 to 2.80 metres. These compressed structural components can thus be transported more easily and require smaller cranes and less crane space on the building site. The interior fittings concept has also been revolutionised and ensures fittings are installed at the same time as the tower is being built, speeding up assembly times as a result. A simpler foundation design completes the optimised tower concept. The new Hybrid Tower mb 2.0 thus comprises a fully efficient overall system for great hub heights.

news 2018 hybridturm 2 02 max boegl

Advantages for transport

Another decisive advantage of the modified components becomes evident when they are transported. The reduced height, width and weight in concrete rings allow standard trucks to be used, providing a more flexible alternative to oversize load shipments, which require authorisation and cannot be used at short notice. This means supply bottlenecks can be largely avoided, eliminating the halts in construction that they cause.

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