We are aware that we influence our environment by carrying out our various construction projects. This concerns the aspects of air, water, soil, natural resources, flora, fauna, people and their mutual relationships. The aim of the environmental management system is the continuous improvement of these environmental aspects. Particularly important in this context are improvements in C0² emissions, climate protection and the handling of contaminated soil. All employees are environmentally aware when carrying out their daily work. They are therefore required to observe and adhere to the environmental guidelines.

    This environmental policy is aimed at all employees and divisions. It is part of our corporate philosophy and is the responsibility of the company management. Our environmental guidelines are regularly reviewed, adapted if necessary and form the basis of our environmental management. The UM system we practice fulfils the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001.

    Our guidelines

    • Our actions are based on compliance with legal and official specifications and other requirements as well as with the internal regulations based on them.
    • Environmental compatibility is taken into account in the procurement of new equipment and replacements. The same applies to material procurement.
    • The continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our company is a mandatory goal.
    • The Environmental Action Plan contains the concrete objectives for the continuous further development of environmental compatibility.
    • The necessary human, technical and financial resources are made available to achieve the defined environmental efficiency goals.
    Our guidelines
    • We ensure the competitiveness of the company through the execution of our environmentally oriented construction services.
    • We deal with life cycle assessments of our products and selected environmental aspects.
    • We promote the rational and responsible handling of the environment in our daily work through information and training of our employees.
    • The use of renewable energy sources is specifically examined in suitable areas and, if necessary, implemented.

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